60 Things we learned from our Dadů

"Tell me and I forget; teach me and I learn; Involve me and I remember" -- Benjamin Franklin

*How to ride a bike*A love of trains*How to load lots of stuff into a small space*The importance of good solid construction*An appreciation of the magnitude of history*First-Aid and CPR*The value of learning new things*That, with time, we could do anything we needed to*How a refrigerator works*How a stove works*How to snowshoe*How to tie knots*How to use tools instead of having them use you*How to run wires and cables*How computers work*How to drive a manual transmission on hills*How to sail*How to backpack*How to run a bear-line*How to bake bread*How to make things out of wood*The understanding that we can make things*The idea that we can solve the problems we face*How electricity works*Respect for those around us*The importance of doing good things for others*That we have to solve our own problems*How to make decisions and live with the consequences*How to put things together without following the instructions*How to resort to the directions when nothing fits together*To build a fire*How to use a floor plan*How to build a deck*Watch out for the under toad*The use of Scaffolding*To take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints*How to use a map and compass*The value of money*To value others above money*To avoid debts that we can't afford*That charity starts at home*To use computers as tools*How to think analytically*How to throw things away*Compound interest*How to canoe*How to frame a house*How to be a good dad*How to solder pipe*How to install a faucet*How to lay tile*The magic of glue and screws*Electrical wiring*Basic computer networking*Basic electronics*How to use a gas powered log splitter*How to build a foundation*Abstract thinking*Cost/Benefit analysis*Principles of roasted poultry anatomy*